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Consultation clarifies and steers the digital transformation of an organization

Consultation clarifies and steers digitalization to the right direction in promoting capabilities and assets and realizing business changes with the help of technology – without forgetting the human experience. The wisest way of building lasting IT solutions is to develop new applications taking into account the existing solutions. This makes the transformation smoother, more cost-effective and results to lasting and sustainable solutions. As a result, you obtain a clear view of your organizations current situation and the direction of development, identify your goals, and get the right tools to reach them.

Legacy to Digital Philosophy is the core of our consultation services: When we build something new, we take existing solution into account. Our special ability is to renew systems by sensible use of existing IT assets.


Our consultants find lasting and functional solutions to your IT challenges

Our skilled professionals are able to create a vision and an implementation plan or a roadmap that help you reach your goals. Typical goals include improving productivity, increasing profit, enhancing operations, faster product development and sustainable investments. Our experts take existing solutions into account and create new ones that can be integrated and implemented with them.

The benefits of consultation:

  • A clear idea of the starting point
  • Wise development of old and new systems
  • A clear image of the target situation
  • Obtaining effective tools to reach goals with

The solution to your IT challenges is only a phone call or an email away! At Netum, you get to talk to an expert immediately.

Our experienced consultants are supported by our many experts who carry out the implementations. Instead of mere theories, we are able to give practical advice on how to proceed with and carry out changes. Therefore, we are able to promise sensible project implementation planning to avoid the pitfalls of procurements and the blind spots of cyber security. The result is a functional and cost-effective solution that serves your business purposes flexibly in the future as well.

"Netum has managed to combine consultation and technical competence in way that they support one another more closely than any other provider’s service does.”

- A satisfied Netum customer


Insightful consultation for all IT challenges

Over the years, we have helped both public administration and business clients with their IT challenges. Our consultation methods and way of working have been finetuned to save both time and money, but they still always adapt to your needs, whether it is arguments and perspective for procurement or insights for carrying our digital transformation that you need.

Our consultants help you with:

  • Digital transformation
  • Cyber security
  • Choosing and procuring IT solutions
  • Carrying out IT projects

The result of consultation may be an analytical description of your current situation or an insight brought on by an educational event. Regardless of the result, our consultation will always leave you with a clear idea of products and features needed to meet the procurement needs, or of the way to proceed with a system project. If needed, we will continue from consultation to implementation with you.

Netum has top-class competence in:

Why choose Netum?

  • We have extensive experience in all aspects of IT
  • Our consultants are supported by Netum’s technical experts
  • We are able to provide everything form design to implementation – flexibly, of course!

”Our skilled consultants are supported by IT experts who build systems and take care of their technical operation and maintenance on a daily basis. When a client needs to know about the implementation options and costs of a solution, we are able to offer them the insights of our own employees.”

- Juha-Pekka Leskinen, Head of Consulting

Juha-Pekka Leskinen

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Our extensive experience on business critical systems, expertise, and sustainable yet agile mode of operation enable secure and cost-effective partnership. We are able to step in at any phase of an IT project life cycle depending on the client’s situation.