Digital Service Development

Realize the most challenging software projects with our Digital Service Development

Demanding system development projects are our specialty, and we are familiar with different software engineering methods and technologies, as well as cloud services. We’ll provide your team with  one or several experienced professionals. They have developed a comprehensive skillset working in our numerous projects in various fields in both the private and the public sector. Therefore, they are able to provide appropriate solutions for any situations and problems. As a result of years of experience, we are able to avoid pitfalls and realize project of various sizes from planning to implementation for reasonable costs.


Digital services for business needs, not for technology

Does your business need a new system, a service, or perhaps support for the maintenance and further development of a legacy system? We provide comprehensive digital services from initial concepts to implementation, as well as maintenance. Or perhaps you need professionals for the development of a system? When needed, Netum provides on-site experts for customers’ premises. This facilitates and accelerates the exchange of information and brings new insights to the organisation outside.

This is how our cost-effective and timely development of your organisation’s digital services works:

  • We provide you with experts with experience in your field.
  • You have the option to commission an entire project all the way from service design to implementation and maintenance.
  • We use the DevOps model and agile methods.
  • We have extensive knowledge of open source and cloud technologies.
  • Our approach is flexible, customer-oriented and always positive.
  • According to our Legacy to Digital philosophy, we always make an effort to use your existing IT assets. There’s no need to start from scratch every time.

"Netum’s expertise in the newest web technology and extensive knowledge of various services were the decisive factor in selecting the service provider."

- Ossi Hakanen, ELY Centre

Digital Services

How do we develop digital services?

At Netum, we create highly-tailored applications according to client’s needs and operational environment. We have experience on developing both robust public administration systems and agile systems for various businesses.

Our team of experts consists of experienced and sought-after professionals. They are familiar with old and new technologies, including commercial solutions and open source alternatives. They have carried our numerous projects using Episerver, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, Kubernetes, as well as many other technologies. Sustainable software development, microarchitectures and agile method are part of our everyday routine. We are familiar with the more traditional solutions based on Java and ISS, not forgetting the latest implementations of AI and BI applications.

Netum’s experts help you make the most of your organization’s technology in order to create new business ventures or enhance current activities.

Business intelligence solutions support intuition in decision-making

  • Analytics and data storage and modern reporting solutions back up intuition and help make better decisions and enhance productivity.
  • Agile development is a natural component of reporting solution development and it facilitates schedule keeping and staying on budget.
  • We focus on Microsott Azure and Power BI solutions.

”We are problem solvers – we find open-minded solutions for our client's needs. When we present the end result, we want the client to feel that they have been heard and understood.”

- Kalle Haviala, Head of Digital Services


Business Intelligence Solutions – Support your intuition with facts and machine-learning models

Analytics and data storage and modern reporting solutions support intuition and help make better decisions regardless of your field of business. By making data visible, it is possible to steer focus towards essential issues though “moments of clarity” and enhance productivity in, whether you are planning for the future or reacting to current conditions.

Our agile development approach and the use of advanced automation, as well as our collaborative and experimental development methods are the prerequisite of reporting solutions that exceed all expectations – this applies to both ad hoc reports and proactive analytics. We have gained extensive experience on using Azure data components, such as Data Factory and Power BI in development projects.

Years of experience of integrations and reporting solutions guarantees staying within agreed schedule and budget.

Kalle Haviala

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Our extensive experience on business critical systems, expertise, and sustainable yet agile mode of operation enable secure and cost-effective partnership. We are able to step in at any phase of an IT project life cycle depending on the client’s situation.