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Gasgrid Finland Oy buys a message transmission system as the gas market opens

The Finnish Gas Market opened and Gasgrid Finland Oy began operating on 1 January 2020. At that time, Gasgrid Finland took over the entire Finnish gas transmission business, including the maintenance of the gas transmission network and the provision of gas transmission and system services in Finland.

Secure transmission of messages between Gasgrid Finland and other operators in the gas market is a key process for the functioning of the gas market. This helps Gasgrid Finland to provide safe, cost-effective and reliable gas transmission in Finland, for example through the Imatra feed point or Balticconnector.

“AgentIT's (nowadays a part of Netum Ltd) ability to monitor and operate business-critical data transfer is one of the cornerstones of the gas market.”
Ville Rahkonen, Responsible for Gasgrid Finland Oy's customers and services

Netum played an important role in this significant change. For our part, we helped Gasgrid Finland to open up the gas market by using the ArcESB integration software to develop a message transmission system meeting their needs.

Netum provided consultation on building the system, implemented integrations, carried out the deployment and was responsible for platform updates and software vendor collaboration. In addition to ArcESB, the solution utilises open source Elastic Stack software for active monitoring. We typically implement solutions based on a variety of technologies. We leverage the technology in use, or choose a solution that meets the needs in question.

Requirements and framework conditions were imposed for the work by factors such as Gasgrid Finland's customer environment, operational processes and technical solutions.  The system transmits messages between Gasgrid Finland and gas market operators in accordance with the Edig@as standard, using the secure AS4 protocol.

Netum and Gasgrid Finland also jointly monitor this system and the continuous flow of messages between Gasgrid Finland and its customers, ensuring the continuity of Finland's gas transmission operations around the clock, every day of the year. We are proud to be involved with Gasgrid Finland in developing the gas market and promoting the carbon-neutral energy system of the future.

The original article was published under the name AgentIT Finland Oy. Netum Group Ltd acquired AgentIT Finland Oy in 2019 and the company merged into Netum Ltd in 2022.