Netum Group Plc is a Finnish limited liability company. In accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and Netum’s Articles of Association, the company is administered by the General Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the CEO.

Netum’s highest governing body is the General Meeting. The General meeting makes decisions on issues defined in the Finnish Companies law.

Netum’s Board of Directors have overall responsibility for the governance of the company and appropriate organisation of the company’s activities. The Board of Directors guides and oversees Netum’s management, appoints and discharges the CEO and approves significant decisions on the company’s strategy, investments, management remuneration system and financing.

The CEO is responsible for the implementation of Netum’s strategy and for running operative actions in line with instructions and orders by the Board of Directors.

Additionally, Netum’s operations are regulated in the company’s Articles of Association and in the working order of the Board of Directors.

Netum’s decision-making and administration comply with the Finnish Companies Act, securities market legislation, the rules of Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace, the company’s Articles of Association and other regulations applicable to the company.

Netum does not comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code published by the Securities Market Association because the company does not deem it justified considering the company’s size and scope of business.