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Superior service with versatile, modern integration solutions

Modern integration solutions serve your business efficiently and intelligently

Modern integration solutions enable business growth through the intelligent and cost-effective implementation of integrations. Netum’s integration services will ensure that your organisation’s information is always available in the right format and preferred systems. Our solutions are scalable for your future needs as well.

Integration planning

Anticipate, manage risks and avoid the stumbling blocks of integration projects – careful preparation guarantees a successful outcome!

> Integration planning

Our integration solutions

We provide integration solutions based on a variety of technologies, with the goal of helping the customer ensure optimal use of technology and reliable quality.

> Our integration solutions

Integration service

Netum’s integration service includes the implementation of integrations, and continuous service of them if necessary. Fixed costs allow for easy project budgeting.

> Integration service

The way that the new system will automatically work is that the monitoring screen that was customised for us by Netum displays a list of all errors in the system, and we can update the information accordingly. This has saved us a great deal of labour.”

Reijo Pursiainen, development manager, SE Mäkinen

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement your integration solution?

Digitalisation and automation enable companies to become increasingly competitive. However, the deployment of new solutions can also create difficulties with managing integrated system integration, as well as leading to rising costs and a lack of agility.

The special expertise of Netum’s integration specialists, developed over the course of 20 years, ensures a smooth transition from your organisation’s old integration solutions to state-of-the-art cloud-based services. Your organisation’s business processes can be developed most effectively with the help of environmentally friendly technology and expert support.

How can Netum’s Integration services benefit you?

  • Well-chosen integrations help your business to grow
  • Business-critical information flows smoothly and securely
  • Information is used at the right time in the preferred systems
  • Monitoring services at your disposal by agreement (24/7 if necessary)


Case Gasgrid

Gasgrid's integration solution ensures a seamless flow of information in the market.


Case Colliers Finland

New integration solution of Colliers Finland enhances data management.


Case Suvia Group

Netum provided Suvia Group with an integration solution aimed at making business operations efficient and enabling growth.



Case Dieta

In cooperation with our partner Link Mobility, we developed a mobile communication solution for Dieta Oy that meets their customers' needs and helps them improve their operations to become more customer-oriented.

Expertise and experience

Netum specialises in systems integration, and has built up a strong reputation as an expert company in the use of various integration tools. So far we have carried out projects with more than 60 large and medium-sized companies that rely heavily on integration solutions in their operations. Our experience in systems that support operations and financial management in various industries enables efficient project management and high-quality integration solutions.

  • Modern integration technologies (application programming interface (API), electronic data interchange (EDI))
  • Integration architecture design and technology selection methods
  • Integration platform migration projects
  • Web application technologies
  • Methods for deployment and support
  • Support and monitoring services (24/7)
  • Messaging standards
  • Test automation (Truugo)

Modular solutions

We design integrations to be independent, open and flexible. Our solution is modular, which simplifies maintenance and speeds up changes.

We implement integrations with the technologies you use, or we can help you choose the right product.

Axway B2Bi/API gateway, ArcESB, Azure Integration Services, BizTalk, Apache Camel, WSO2, Boomi, Mirth Connect, TradeXpress and InterSystems IRIS

Automation Anywhere, UiPath, OpenRPA.

C#, React, JQuery, Node.js, Java, MySQL, MSSQL, OracleSQL.

Elastic Stack, Grafana, Agemon.

Integrations such as the following systems: Salesforce, NetSuite, M2, J.D. Edwards, SAP R/3, MS Navision, Procountor, and Visma Severa and Netvisor.

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Key Account Manager
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Integration solutions