With good growth in the financial year 2021 and a positive outlook for the IT services market, Netum has updated its financial targets, strategy and dividend policies. The company sees growth opportunities especially in digitalisation projects, knowledge management and cyber security services for both public and private sector customers. 

Financial targets

On 8 March 2022, Netum’s Board of Directors has set the following medium-term financial targets: 

  • Netum aims to achieve a revenue of EUR 50 million by 2025 
  • Netum aims to continue its profitable growth and an EBITA of at least 14 per cent annually 
  • Netum aims to pay at least 40 per cent of the EBITA as a dividend 


Netum’s strategy supports the goal of profitable growth and takes the company towards its vision to be the most trusted partner in the industry and the preferred work community in responsible and secure digital transformation.  

In line with its Legacy to Digi® operating model, Netum wisely utilises customers’ existing IT assets to develop new digital services with the most modern technologies.  

Netum has an extensive service offering, and the company’s core expertise is digitalisation, data and analytics, cyber security, integration, maintenance, continuity and consulting services. The company is constantly developing its expertise in these areas and is making a strong effort to increase the share of reproducible services and service components in revenue. Additional growth is sought from increasing the share of corporate customers and internationalisation, where the company’s own SaaS products Truugo and Netum DUX are spearheads. Networks and especially the top work community of the Netum people, where enabling, people-oriented leadership supports self-direction, play an important role in achieving the growth targets.  

Growth strategy:  

  • seeking growth, especially with new corporate customers 
  • further expansion of the service offering to both existing and new customers 
  • increasing the share of repeatable services  
  • expanding operations regionally in Finland 
  • exploring the possibilities for expanding into the Nordic and Baltic countries 
  • targeted acquisitions that support the growth 

Strategic cornerstones:  

  • continuous investment in core areas of expertise
  • maintaining a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction
  • systematic development of competence and effective recruitment
  • nurturing the employee experience of a top work community 
  • further strengthening the brand 


Business environment

The global political situation, the general rise in costs and the delayed IT investment decisions of companies have brought uncertainty to Netum's operating environment. However, demand for IT services has remained strong in the public sector in 2023, while demand in the private sector has been volatile depending on the sector. Price competition has intensified significantly, especially in the public sector.