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Smoother services for universities and upper-secondary schools

We have been building up experience and expertise by developing digital solutions for the education sector for over a decade. In addition to maintenance and development of the Peppi study management system, we have implemented also ERP and data-driven management solutions. We have years of experience with the environments and IT requirements of universities, which gives us strong capabilities for the customer-oriented development work. We work in close cooperation with our subsidiary Studyo Oy.

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Cyber security

With the help of our experienced experts, you can ensure that your institution’s information security and data protection is at a level that meets your requirements and operational needs.

> Cyber security

Integration solutions

Netum’s integration services will ensure that your organisation’s information is always available in the right format and preferred systems. Our solutions are scalable for your future needs as well.

> Integration solutions

Data-driven management

Relevant, up-to-date information should be available when it is needed. Analytics, data warehouses, and modern reporting solutions support intuition and improve decision-making for any type of business.

> Data and analytics services

Peppi services

We deliver a supplier-independent and transparent Peppi service. Together with our subsidiary Studyo, we implement the best, secure Peppi solutions for on-premises or cloud services.

> Peppi services


Korkeakoulujen IT-päivät 8.–9.11.2023

Meet us at the event and let's discuss how we can help you with your organisation's IT challenges.

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Account Director,
Education Sector
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