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Top expertise in developing and ensuring the everyday life operations of well-being service counties

Health and social services reform, digitalisation, the need for data-driven management, information security challenges, and growing costs have created numerous development needs and challenges for the smoothness of everyday life. Our superpower is that we understand the need for change and already operate as a trusted partner for several health and social service providers. We have significant framework arrangements with Kuntien Tiera Oy, Istekki Oy, 2M-IT Oy and LapIT Oy, among others.

We renew the operating models of well-being service counties and digitalise service processes, to develop and ensure effective everyday life. With extensive know-how and an excellent can-do attitude, we can provide our customers with the right solutions for their needs and implement them efficiently and smoothly. Let's build more functional and effective services together - wisely and responsibly!


Data-driven management

Analytics, data warehouses and modern reporting solutions to support intuition and to help make better and more effective decisions.

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Management consulting

The consultation will give you clarity and direction to promote digitalisation capabilities and resources, and to implement business change through technology, with a people-oriented approach.

> Management consulting

Cyber security

Our experts will help you choose cyber security solutions that make your organisation’s daily operations run reliably and in accordance with digital security requirements.

> Cyber security services

Patrik Uhinki
Account Director,
Healthcare and Social welfare
+358 40 557 7251