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Netum and Istekki: building a more cyber secure society together

With help from Netum, public service technology solutions provider Istekki has been able to scale its services to a new level. The partnership has delivered particularly well in matters of information security, a field in which Netum has years of experience.

Istekki touches the lives of almost all Finns in one way or another. Istekki is an expert organisation owned by wellbeing services counties, cities and municipalities, and is a provider of IT services and social and healthcare technology solutions. Istekki has helped many public sector organisations develop their IT infrastructure or patient record systems.

For the past three years, Netum has been Istekki’s trusted partner, especially in matters of information security. As the largest ICMT (Information, Communications and Medical Technology) company in Finland, information security plays a critical role in Istekki’s operations, as their customers’ systems contain vast quantities of sensitive data, including patient records. Istekki Business Director Jenni Siermala highlights the need for built-in information security.

– Information security is so central to all our operations that it must be built into all our services. For ordinary citizens, this means increased security in the operations of the public sector.

Istekki Business Director Jenni Siermala

Netum has already carried out several different cyber security projects for Istekki, which in turn productises information security solutions for its own customers. Netum creates added value for Istekki, first and foremost, by allowing the scalability of information security services. One example of this is Netum’s Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service, through which customers of Istekki can find a third-party information security officer from Netum’s team of experts.

– The most important aspects of our partnership with Netum are continuity and trust. Netum delivers agile assistance and sound expertise for varying requirements and challenges in the public service sector, Siermala says.


Marita Hämeenoja, Jenni Siermala and Jenni Tammenmaa

New beginnings

The health and social services reform, which came into force earlier this year, has also increased the demand for Istekki’s services. The company, already the employer of over 1,000 experts, has enjoyed the opportunity to test its agility and quick responses in the face of the reform. As the new sphere of activity is strictly regulated by law, many solutions have been applicable in several wellbeing services counties, the differences between the counties themselves.

– Knowing our customers is crucial for us. Some of them require a tailor-made solution, while for others, a ready-made one is more cost-effective, and we must understand the difference. The experience and skill of Netum’s experts also allow us to see a little further and give us the courage to present our customers with bolder ideas, Siermala says.

Netum cyber security consultant and project manager Jenni Tammenmaa

Netum cyber security consultant and project manager Jenni Tammenmaa is in charge of some of the information security solutions and development projects implemented for Istekki. The partnership between the two is tight, and messages fly between Istekki and Netum on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. Tammenmaa sees the potential in continuing the development of new cyber security solutions as well.

The wellbeing services county system is still in its infancy, and the future is certain to bring changes and new information security needs for the health and social services sector, says Tammenmaa.

Marita Hämeenoja, Netum’s Account Director for municipal and social and healthcare sector customers

Marita Hämeenoja, Netum’s Account Director for municipal and social and healthcare sector customers, has been involved in the Istekki partnership from the beginning. Hämeenoja supports solidifying the cyber security partnership with Netum and would also expand their co-operation to cover other services, such as knowledge-based management solutions.

– Social concerns play a central part in Istekki’s operations, and the partnership has allowed Netum to secure a foothold in the municipal, healthcare and social sectors, Hämeenoja says.