An advanced testing and documentation platform for structured data

Fast, efficient and top-quality electronic communications

Truugo is an easy-to-use and powerful test platform for creating test jigs and documentation for electronic documents (EDIFACT, XML, Flat File), such as e-invoices. In the deployment of message communications in particular, it is essential that new trading partners are integrated effectively. The more trading partners or system interfaces there are, the more time Truugo will save you during the deployment phase.


Introducing the New Look and Feel of Our SaaS Product

We are excited to unveil a significant update to our SaaS product, which not only brings a refreshed visual identity but also introduces several noteworthy improvements across the board.


Truugo Message Lab

Part 1: Cut down deployment lead time


Truugo Message Lab

Part 2: Benefits of using Truugo in your role as an independent EDI consultant.


Truugo Message Lab

Part 3: Easy error checking from invoice data and generating documentation


Truugo Message Lab

Part 4: Creating better customer experience for your end customers

Easy and fast error correction as a self-service

The digitalisation of business-to-business communication reduces the amount of manual work and speeds up processes. However, these benefits can only be achieved with error-free data which enables automation. Even for professionals, it is often difficult, or impossible, to locate an error in EDI/XML data based an unclear error notice.

With Truugo, you can test your data as a self-service, without intermediaries. Truugo provides you with an error description in plain language, informing you of what changes are needed. Data errors are presented accurately row by row, enabling fast and easy error correction without extensive technical expertise. You can validate your data and locate and correct errors in minutes.

Truugo helps to improve the overall quality of your message flow, and enables a feedback mechamism for providing also proactive feedback on future business or regulatory requirements.

How can Truugo help you?

  • The best testing platform on the market for data testing and improving data quality
  • Message documentation and validation artefacts created easily in one go
  • Enables fast and high-quality EDI deployments and facilitates process automation
  • Clarifies and brings uniformity to company practices and reduces dependency on particular persons
  • Productised and scalable
  • Suitable for different industries

Deploying Truugo is simple

  1. Create an account in Truugo portal.
  2. Use free test credits to get familiar with the platform.
  3. Order your own Truugo pilot as a turnkey solution without further commitments. Make final decision only after seeing in practice how Truugo can help you succeed.