Management ownership and transactions

Management ownership

Insider transactions


Netum Group Plc’s managers and persons closely associated to them referred to in the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, ”MAR”) are requested to follow the below instructions for notifying transactions.

The company’s managers and persons closely associated to them must notify both the company and the Financial Supervisory Authority of the transactions they have made on their own account with the company’s financial instruments without delay at the latest three (3) working days after the transaction. The transaction notification must be sent per email due to the short time. Netum Group Plc publishes the transaction notification as a company announcement without delay after having received the notification.

Instructions for filling in the transaction notification form

  1. Report your transactions to the Financial Supervisory Authority

Transactions are reported to the Financial Supervisory Authority through electronic transactions. You can log in to the electronic transaction service at

For filling in the notification form you will need the following information:

Netum Group Plc’s LEI code 74370035IA2N1S9R5B86
Trading code of Netum Group Plc’s share NETUM
ISIN code of Netum Group Plc’s share FI4000390943


  1. Please send the filled form attached to a secure e-mail to Netum Group Plc

Send the form attached to an e-mail to

If you have any questions, please contact CFO Mari Ala-Sorvari.

Additional information on regulation concerning the management and  persons closely associated with them is available on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s web pages.