Continuity services

ensure your business runs smoothly

Continuity services ensure the reliability of your systems 24/7

Glitches in the system can, at worst, bring administration work or production to a complete standstill. Our customer support, maintenance and monitoring services experts are there to ensure that your systems are always available and up to date,  minimising the risks of business interruptions and other disruptions. Smooth services and operations guarantee both customer and employee satisfaction.

“What matters to us most in this partnership is how Netum understands and listens to us. Flexibility and a solution-oriented approach are extremely important to us.”

Hanna Kosteila, head of education services, Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences

Continuity services are the secret to keeping things running smoothly

By choosing Netum, you will be ensuring that your organisation can run smoothly, as our experts help you choose the right systems for your needs and ensure that both new and old technologies suit your needs in the best possible way. We are able to take care of your systems 24/7. We have well-functioning processes and skilled and competent experts. Netum provides the additional resources, support and reliability to maintain the systems that are vital to your operations

Your own IT staff will be supported by Netum’s highly experienced specialists, who can help you with e.g. IT system maintenance, access management, monitoring, assurance, updates, and recovering from faults... In addition, we have strong knowledge of DevOps projects. In other words, we are the experienced and reliable partner your organization can count on.

How can you benefit from our continuity services?

  • Customers and employees will be satisfied with your well-functioning services
  • Cost-effective services are scalable to the needs of your business
  • Reliable, secure and up-to-date information systems
  • The agreed service level of service support and reporting
  • Your experts are free to focus on business development

Our range of services include

  • Service support through a central contact point
  • User management of services
  • Classification and resolution of support requests
  • Customer-specific communication
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Information security monitoring
  • Load monitoring of the service
  • Monitoring availability of the service
  • Event reporting
  • Application platform services
  • Integration services
  • Database services
  • DevOps
  • System entities
  • Server management
  • Disk system management
  • Telecommunications services
  • Capacity management
  • Maintenance of public cloud service management (Azure, AWS)
  • Hybrid and private cloud solutions
  • Planning and combining of capacity environment transfers
  • Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions
  • Information security monitoring and management
  • Vulnerability testing and monitoring
  • Web Application Firewalls as a cloud service
  • DDos attack prevention as an SOC backed cloud service
  • Defining the service content
  • Defining the collaboration model
  • Transfer of service responsibilities and know-how
  • Service renewal plans
  • In partnership with the software specialist Studyo, we implement the best, secure Peppi solutions for on-premises or cloud services.

Sebastian Pönkkö
Continuity Services
+358 50 305 3086

Continuity services