Netum as an investment

Why invest in Netum

The continued proliferation of digital, web-based services in companies and public administration leads to more efficient operations and makes people’s everyday life easier. In addition to digitalisation, the demand for Netum’s services is based on the growing need for cyber security and data analytics as well as on growing IT assets.

Netum’s experienced management and personnel have a profound understanding of how the operating environment is developing and of their customers’ information systems and their development needs and opportunities. Netum’s customers are extremely happy with Netum, and the company’s typical customer relationships are long.

Netum has grown both through acquisitions and organically. From 2017 to 2020, Netum’s revenue has grown on average 20% annually. Yet, rapid growth has not led to a heavy organisational structure: Netum’s net sales per employee is among the highest in the industry. Apart from strong growth, Netum is among the most profitable companies in its industry.


Financial targets and outlook

Outlook for 2023:

Netum expects its revenue to grow at least 20% from the previous year and EBITA to be at least 10% of revenue in the financial year 2023.

Overall, the outlook for the IT services market for 2023 is positive, and especially the development of digital services and the demand for data and analytics services as well as for cyber security services are expected to remain good.

Netum’s medium-range financial targets:

  • Growth: Netum aims to achieve a revenue of EUR 50 million by 2025.
  • Profitability: Netum aims to continue its profitable growth and achieve an EBITA of at least 14 per cent annually.
  • Dividend policy: Netum aims to pay at least 40 percent of the EBITA as dividends.


Key competitive advantages

  • Legacy to Digi®: The company offers its public administration and corporate customers its Legacy to Digi® concept that enables combining traditional IT solutions with the latest digital applications safely and in a responsible way. Utilising existing IT assets makes digital transformation smoother and increases cost efficiency.
  • Flat organisation with a large company’s service offering: The company offers a variety of IT services from consulting to implementation and is able to flexibly combine its services to meet the customers’ individual needs.
  • Flexible and agile service offering: Netum’s large service offering and deep expertise make it possible for the company to quickly react to the customers’ needs, to combine its services and to offer tailor-made solutions.
  • Experienced and professional personnel: The company’s employees are very experienced, and 86 per cent have senior expertise, i.e., over five years of experience. 67 per cent have over 15 years of work experience.
  • Strong cyber security know-how: Netum is able to offer its customers solutions for cyber and information security and data protection. With these solutions, the customer’s everyday operations meet the requirements of digital security in a reliable way.