Corporate responsibility

Netum’s target is to be the most trusted partner in its industry and to help its customers in digital transformation in a responsible and secure way. Netum also wants to be the preferred employer in its industry and to offer its employees a fair and pluralistic working community and to ensure the employees' well-being.

Netum has over 20 years of experience of demanding IT projects. Netum’s principle of operation is based on the Legacy to Digi® concept and an operational model where existing IT assets are systematically utilised when creating new digital services.

Netum’s digital services enable more efficient business operations in companies and more efficient services in the public sector. Utilising IT assets and investments made makes operations more cost-effective, and the company’s cyber security solutions make the society safer. Digital services make it possible to reduce emissions and the need for materials and promote circular economy. Making services digital makes them more easily available and usable both for companies and public administration.

Netum innovates and constantly develops its own operations. The company participates in significant social projects and helps its customers to develop their business operations through digitalisation. This is how Netum together with its customers is building a more responsible and safer society.

Key themes of Netum's corporate responsibility programme

Legacy to Digi® is our approach to digitalisation: we help our customers in digital transformation in a responsible and safe way. Our digital solutions enable more efficient business operations in companies and more efficient services in the public sector. Making services digital makes them better working, easier to use and environmentally friendlier. With our cyber security solutions, we make the society safer. This is how we together with our customers are building a more responsible and safer society.

Our employees are our most valuable asset and each one of them is important. Therefore, it is important to us that our personnel feels that the working community is fair and pluralistic. We are committed to equal treatment of our employees and are against all discrimination.

We want to create a pleasant working community and to ensure our own personnel’s and partners’ well-being. We take care of each other and support the personnel’s well-being in many ways. We want to offer our employees an opportunity to constantly develop themselves in their work.

We are concerned about the climate change and committed to environmentally sustainable action in everything we do. For instance, using green electricity, enabling remote working and prudential recycling of equipment are important ways for us to reduce the environmental load of our operations.

Economic responsibility forms the basis of corporate responsibility. Through profitable growth and continuous development of our operations we can develop increasingly responsible services. With our ethical business principles and profitable growth, we can take into consideration the needs of all our stakeholders today and in the future.

Netum’s corporate responsibility programme

Netum’s corporate responsibility programme defines the themes, performance indicators and targets related to social, economic, and environmental responsibility. Netum’s responsibility programme is based on the company’s Code of Conduct, environmental policy, the ISO 27001 certificate, audits, and constant interaction with stakeholders. The company regularly measures customer experience and customer satisfaction as well as personnel well-being and feeling good at work.

Netum’s CEO is responsible for the company’s responsibility, and Netum’s Board of Directors has approved the corporate responsibility programme and its targets. The management team and the Board of Directors are kept informed about how the programme is proceeding.

Targets of the corporate responsibility programme

  • Personnel and customer satisfaction: NPS >9/10
  • Share of female employees 20% by 2023
  • Recycling rate* of equipment 100% in 2023
  • Green electricity 100% of consumption

*Laptops, mobile equipment, screens, servers

This is how Netum supports UN’s sustainable development goals

  • Active co-operation with education institutions
  • Development of education information systems
  • Investments in training and development of own personnel

  • Equality plan and non-discrimination
  • Share of female employees 20% by 2023

  • Profitably growing business creates new jobs
  • Fair and pluralistic workplace
  • Professional personnel, personnel’s well-being

  • Services that increase the responsibility and efficiency of the society
  • Reliability and information security of solutions
  • Culture of constant development and innovation

  • Recycling rate of equipment 100% in 2023
  • As efficient recycling as possible at all Netum’s offices

  • Environmentally friendly digital solutions supporting circular economy
  • Goal is to make it possible to choose an environmentally friendly way of commuting

  • Projects that improve the availability of social services and effectiveness of public administration
  • Anti-corruption and compliance with competition legislation

Netum’s ethical principles and whistleblowing

Netum has defined ethical principles that apply to all employees of the company. The company also strives to ensure that its partners and subcontractors respect Netum’s Code of Conduct and operate in an ethically sustainable way.

Netum encourages its personnel and other stakeholders to report any action against the ethical principles related to the organisation or business operations.

Netum uses a Whistleblowing channel through which one can report any suspicion of misconducts:


Key ethical principles

  • We observe the laws
  • We respect human rights
  • We treat each other equally
  • We strive to minimise our impact on the environment
  • We maintain information security
  • We process personal data in a confidential way

Interaction with stakeholders

An essential part of Netum’s responsibility work is interaction with stakeholders through which their needs and expectations are identified. With this interaction, Netum is also able to share the company’s strategy and business operations as well as actions, targets, and development of the corporate responsibility programme. Netum evaluates the interaction with its stakeholders through annual personnel surveys and by measuring customer experience both continuously and through regular surveys.

Netum’s key stakeholders are customers, investors, personnel, partners and subcontractors, universities and education institutions and the media.