Cyber security services

Cyber security must be on the management's agenda

Cyber security services to ensure the digital security of your organisation

Does your organisation have a plan for preventing cyber attacks and for managing their impacts? What information does your organisation want to protect, and why exactly that information?

Our experts will help you choose cyber security solutions that make your organisation’s daily operations run reliably and in accordance with digital security requirements. We also support your organisation’s cyber security and information security transition to cloud services, even on an extensive scale. Our experts will help identify your company’s or organisation’s cyber security, information security and data protection risks, ensuring that they meet the standards set and the needs of your operations.


"We have found a reliable partner with outstanding expertise."

Janne Reimari, CIO, Kotipizza

Cyber security affects the entire organisation

Risks and threats to cyber security affect your organisation through various functions, and must be taken into account in the development of the entire organisation. The management of any organisation should have access to sufficient and realistic information about its cyber security situation and an understanding on what effects the risks may have on the organisation’s core functions. Insufficient investment in cyber security management and/or information security may result in significant losses not only financially but also in terms of the company’s reputation. In short, the answer is simple: Secure your operations with Netum’s cyber security services.

You can then focus on what’s most important – your core business and your customers.

What can our cyber security services do for you?

  • You will have the know-how of an external expert at your disposal
  • You can test the current level of your information security
  • You can get a clear view of the current state of your administrative and technical cyber security
  • You stay one step ahead of cyber attackers

Our service is ISO 27001 certified

Many of Netum's customers are in fields such as public health care, ICT and application services where they process critical, confidential information. To ensure and prove our skills in security, we have certified our activities in accordance with the internationally recognized information security management system standard ISO/IEC 27001. This provides Netum with a strong basis and a comprehensive framework for managing other models of information security requirements, such as the security levels of the Finnish government and Katakri, the information security audit tool.

We improve your company’s cyber security

  • Creation and implementation of risk management processes
  • Facilitation of risk workshops (risk identification, analysis, valuation, evaluation of business operations effectiveness, and identification of mitigation measures)
  • Creating a business-related cyber strategy to ensure that your company’s cyber security budget is effectively channelled into the controls that are most important to your operations. The strategy includes a vision set out with the customer, and a plan for achieving it.
  • An explanation of the current state of supplier practices and instructions regarding areas for improvement. Consulting on practices relating to the contracts, standards and auditing that apply to suppliers.
  • Assessing the level of information security in cloud services and consulting on development measures
  • Testing is used to determine the attack surface and vulnerabilities of a system or application using technical methods and tools.
  • Netum’s service includes an audit of the current state of information security in the customer’s organisation, system or application, providing a clear view of the level of information security and the recommended measures to improve it.


Case Haminan Energia

The new world situation made Haminan Energia give a special focus to information security. The Kybermittari assessment carried out by Netum provided clear guidelines for the future.


Case Kymen Vesi

The Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service has brought new expertise and created a culture of working together in the information security management of Kymen Vesi.


Case Istekki

Netum and Istekki: building a more cyber secure society together.


Penetration testing helps in assessing the level of information security

How does penetration testing work in practice? Read more on the blog!


Case Kotipizza

Kotipizza needed outside help as security threats increased, and in the spring of 2021 they chose Netum as their cyber security partner.

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Cyber Security Services
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