Financial targets and outlook

Financial targets and outlook

Outlook for 2024, updated on 5 March 2024

Netum expects its revenue in the financial year 2024 to be EUR 45–49 million and comparable EBITA to be approximately 8–11 % of revenue.

Netum expects the demand for IT services in the public sector to remain strong but the intensified price competition to bring challenges to the market. The outlook for the corporate sector is weighed down by the general economic situation, which slows down decision-making. Netum expects the measures started during 2023 to improve profitability.


Netum’s medium-range financial targets (strategy period 2022-2024):

  • Growth: Netum aims to achieve a revenue of EUR 50 million by 2025.
  • Profitability: Netum aims to continue its profitable growth and achieve an EBITA of at least 14 per cent annually.
  • Dividend policy: Netum aims to pay at least 40 per cent of the EBITA as dividends.

Netum’s medium-range financial targets (strategy period 2025-2027):

  • Growth: Our goal is to grow organically by 30 per cent in the strategy period 2025–2027. In addition, we will strengthen our expertise and service offering through acquisitions.
  • Profitability: Our goal is to achieve profitable growth and an annual operating profit of at least 12 per cent (EBITA).
  • Dividend policy: Our dividend policy takes into account the investment and financing needs required to achieve our financial objectives. The company intends to distribute approximately 40 per cent of its annual operating profit before goodwill amortisation (EBITA) if its financial standing allows it.