Financial targets and outlook

Outlook for 2023, updated on 1 September 2023

The outlook for the IT services market for the rest of 2023 has partially weakened during the first half of the year. In particular the corporate sector faces uncertainty due to global economic and political challenges. In the public sector, demand remains strong, but price competition has intensified. Despite the market situation, Netum's business is expected to develop favourably due to the strong order backlog of public administration customers, improving invoicing rates, reduced recruitment needs and the transfer of the Netum DUX business.

With the completion of the acquisition of Buutti Oy, Netum expects revenue to grow by approximately 30% from the previous year and EBITA to be approximately 7–10% of revenue in the financial year 2023.


Netum’s medium-range financial targets

  • Growth: Netum aims to achieve a revenue of EUR 50 million by 2025.
  • Profitability: Netum aims to continue its profitable growth and achieve an EBITA of at least 14 per cent annually.
  • Dividend policy: Netum aims to pay at least 40 per cent of the EBITA as dividends.