Netum Integration Service

Netum’s integration service includes the implementation of integrations, and continuous service of them if necessary. Our service includes a technology solution and its maintenance, as well as familiarising the customer’s contact person with the basics of how the system works.

Netum’s integration service is an environment that meets each customer’s specific needs related to internal and external integrations. Deployment does not require the customer to have technical knowledge of the integration systems. To be able to implement the integration, it is enough for us to know what data is to be transferred between the systems.

The solution is cost-effective, as the fixed costs allow for easy project budgeting.

Our services:

  • Netum’s integration service is suitable for almost any information system
  • The service can be used in either a centralised or a customer-specific environment
    • Netum’s cloud solution, the customer’s own cloud capacity or on-premises capacity
  • The customer-specific environment also allows for customised solutions
  • There are no technology limitations – we provide solutions that are suitable for all integration needs, such as RPA, API, WS, OAuth, batch transfers, queuing, and databases.
  • Integration expertise
  • Active monitoring of integrations, even 24/7 if necessary
  • Monitoring self-service tools for the customer

Choose Netum

  • We will take care of integrations on your behalf
  • We ensure the functionality and continuity of the technology and service
  • Our service is a convenient, hassle-free solution that can be customised for each customer’s needs
  • We guarantee effective monitoring
  • Our services are clearly priced (no data volume-based charges)

Toni Salminen
Key Account Manager
+358 40 742 1468

Integration solutions