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KEHA Centre receives a customised solution for information system integration

Netum built a modern, cloud-based integration solution for the KEHA Centre. YA-Broker automatically transfers data between different systems, eliminating the risk of human errors.

Since 2015, the KEHA Centre has coordinated the administration and development services of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) and TE Offices. One of the key tasks of the KEHA Centre is to create efficient and harmonious operational preconditions for the information technology and communications of the ELY Centres and TE Offices so that the experts can focus on their core duties.

In recent years, public employment services have undergone a gradual reformation. In the spring of 2022, the application process was fully transferred to a new information system. As the TE Services for jobseekers still operate in the old information system, a solution was needed to enable data transfer between the different systems.

The result was YA-Broker, a customised integration solution by Netum to transfer the necessary data between the information systems. According to Senior Specialist Michael Kolehmainen from the KEHA Centre, one of the most significant benefits of YA-Broker is that it helps the KEHA Centre implement new information systems while utilising the valuable information stored in old systems.

– When renewing the systems, experts make decisions based on information located in various systems. Without the integration solution, we would not be able to use the necessary information as efficiently.

Focusing on ease of use

 Thanks to YA-Broker, any applications submitted by customers and decisions made by the TE Office experts can be implemented in various information systems without losing or changing any essential information along the way.

– The data is transferred automatically, eliminating the risk of human errors when copying the information. This also reduces unnecessary work, as experts do not need to retrieve data across systems manually. Processing is easier and faster, says Kolehmainen.

YA-Broker ensures that the information is available in the right system at the right time without unnecessary delays.

Michael Kolehmainen, Senior Specialist, KEHA Centre

Something old, something new

Veli-Matti Plosila, System Architect of the YA-Broker project and Software Developer at Netum, emphasises that the solution can be adjusted for various needs. Netum’s Legacy to Digi® philosophy is based on the idea that not everything needs to be rebuilt if the old technology is still usable.

– Our approach means using both old and new technology according to need. Not having to discard all the new technology but using it to support the new solutions is more cost-effective for the customer. YA-Broker is a link between the old and the new, says Plosila.

 Netum’s Ville Viljanen, Project Manager for the YA-Broker project, finds the Legacy to Digi philosophy an agile approach for future development as well.

Information system reforms do not need to be these enormous, all-encompassing projects; solutions can be renewed in small steps, as we did with the KEHA Centre. The overall system can consist of various information systems, and future solutions can be built bit by bit and in a controlled manner, says Viljanen

Michael Kolehmainen and Netum’s Ville Viljanen

Effortless cooperation 

As a long-term partner of the KEHA Centre, Netum felt like a natural choice for implementing the integration solution. Launched in October 2021, the project was ready for deployment in May 2022. All in all, four software companies worked on the system reform, which might result in challenges when trying the control the overall system. Viljanen praises the KEHA Centre’s ability to coordinate the project.

– The cooperation was successful in every respect, even though many hands were involved in the project. The atmosphere was open and genuine, and there was no unnecessary hierarchy between the suppliers, says Viljanen.

Kolehmainen appreciates the professional approach and project management skills of Netum’s experts.

The cooperation ran extremely smoothly, and everything was taken care of without delays. All of our needs were met with excellent quality.


Technical details

  • YA-Broker (YAB) is a technical solution package enabling data transfer between systems.
  • YA-Broker is a modern, secure cloud solution that enables clear, easy-to-use interfaces between information systems. The interface user does not need to know the details of the integrated system, as Broker takes care of that.
  • The solution was specified and implemented in line with Netum’s Legacy to Digi® philosophy that enables the gradual, cost-effective digital transition of existing data pools.