Customer-centric design

Understanding your customers leads to better services

Customer-oriented design from service design to visual design and prototypes

Netum is a human-oriented and customer-focused change-maker. Our extensive knowledge of business models, processes and design enables us to always offer the most suitable solution to the problem. We take on each design challenge with a solution-oriented approach through the understanding brought by our experience.

Kuvitus: Palvelumuotoilu

Service design

Service design is human- and customer-oriented development of services and business, in which the users are actively involved from the beginning.

Kuvitus: UX/UI-suunnittelu

UX and UI design

UX and UI design focuses on a comprehensive customer experience, ensuring a pleasant experience for the user when using the digital service.

Kuvitus: Visuaalinen suunnittelu

Visual design

Visual design focuses on how the service looks and feels to the user – the goal is a clear and unified look that communicates the service’s brand.

The customer is at the center of everything

When the customer, the user, human, is the starting point of design, we can be sure that the service meets the customer's needs and functions well.

Co-design is central to the design process, committing all participants to the project.

In customer-oriented planning, business is also taken into account, leading to the most suitable end result for all parties.

Customer orientation boosts equality: accessibility is the starting point of all our design work.

How to benefit from our customer-centric design services?

  • Comprehensive user research ensures that your service takes into account the needs of all users
  • Active user participation when designing the service incorporates all parties from the beginning
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are based on real user needs
  • By testing with prototypes, we can make sure that the chosen direction is correct
  • Our multidisciplinary team always has the right person for your project!

Päivi Yli-Olli
Head of Design
Digital Services
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Digital Services