Salesforce services

We provide services for designing and implementing solutions that enable your business – exactly your way.

We make Salesforce fit your business-needs by customizing and automating your processes. By ensuring that you have all the information available within Salesforce, and by creating customized apps within Salesforce, we provide you not only with a full view of your customers and suppliers, but also help you to enable your digitalization.

Our certified specialists master classic Salesforce- and modern Salesforce Lightning technologies, enabling us to provide fully integrated custom solutions that seamlessly extends the customers’ existing ecosystem with modern cloud-based architectures.



Wärtsilä brings supplier management to the next level

The Supplier Relationship Management tool  helps Wärtsilä to know its suppliers more accurately and to maintain a consistently high level of quality in marine and energy businesses.



Wärtsilä’s procurement process goes digital: Goodbye to unnecessary email and communication

The new supplier portal has improved delivery reliability and made the entire supply chain completely visible.