Truugo API and the new Quality Assurance Feature

We have added new functionalities to Truugo API, enhancing quality assurance processes and adding value to your data processing workflows. Let's dive into the details of the three service bundles offered by Truugo API: Validation API, EDIFACT API, and Schematron API.

Validation API: Elevating Quality Assurance Efforts

The Validation API empowers seamless integration into your quality assurance and error reporting functions. Whether running quality assurance at scale as part of your message processing flow or seeking detailed, instant feedback on detected issues, the Validation API streamlines your efforts.

Key Queries:

  1.  get-status: This query indicates whether a tested file complies with specified requirements, enabling seamless integration into your quality assurance and error reporting functions. Perfect for running quality assurance at scale as part of the message processing flow.
  2. get-report: Get a well-structured test report, including a detailed description of detected issues. This feature is designed to be run after the get-status query for invalid files, providing instant and efficient feedback to all stakeholders.
  3. get-feedback: Similar to get-report but provides information purely in JSON format to facilitate customized reporting and detailed analytics.

Truugo API includes also queries for storing test results on the server for a longer period, catering to diverse testing and reporting needs.

EDIFACT API: Empowering Data Transformation

The EDIFACT API adds processing capabilities to your data transformation processes and applications. From syntax checking to transforming EDIFACT messages into various formats, the EDIFACT API caters to developers and companies with specific processing requirements.

Key Queries:

  1. check-syntax: Validates whether a file complies with the EDIFACT syntax, supporting developers in transforming data to EDIFACT syntax.
  2. to-xml and to-json: Transform EDIFACT messages to XML or JSON syntax, catering to companies with specific processing capabilities.
  3. get-browser: Return a user-friendly presentation of an EDIFACT file, assisting developers in efficiently browsing messages to detect and analyze issues.
  4. get-documented-sample: Transform an EDIFACT message to a CSV format, including the message structure and descriptions for each coded value. Ideal for generating documented message samples in Excel format for various use cases.

Schematron API: Simplifying Validation routines

This API brings Schematron validation capabilities to your processes and applications, currently supporting PEPPOL and EN16931 contexts.

Why opt for Schematron validation through the API?

  • No installation hassles: Save time by avoiding installation and software issues.
  • Automated updates: No need for personnel to update software components and licenses periodically.
  • Version testing: Easily test against various versions of the same Schematron file.
  • High-volume support: Optimized for high volumes in a dedicated Truugo environment.

Manual Quality Assurance Made Easy

Truugo introduces a new Quality Assurance feature for validating files in batches. It is provided as a complementary feature for the API license. Additionally, single users with a limited test quota can use this feature through the Truugo portal.


Truugo continues to innovate, providing comprehensive solutions to meet your evolving data validation needs. We value your feedback, and if you have ideas for additional API features that could further enhance your experience, we encourage you to share them with us! Your insights drive our commitment to continuous improvement.


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