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Spurring growth and modernising the automotive sector – Suvia Group reforms its IT environment

Netum provided Suvia Group with an integration solution aimed at making business operations efficient and enabling growth.  

Established in 2019, Suvia Group has quickly become a key player in the Finnish automotive sector. The group includes the damage repair-workshop chain InCar Oy as well as Finnish Loss Survey SVT Ltd., which carries out damage inspections. As such, Suvia Group comprehensively covers the handling of car damage nationwide.

In autumn 2021, Suvia Group was on the verge of a change: the company wanted to reform its IT infrastructure and become a forerunner in the field. The company decided to replace its old IT environment with an entirely new telecommunications infrastructure built from scratch. Tiina Wright, who had recently started as Chief Digital Officer at Suvia Group, saw an opportunity for significant modernisation.

– We are a growth company, so our platforms must be fast and enable business growth. We wanted to find a reliable long-term partner with a strong understanding of data security to whom we could outsource the technological implementation of group-level file transfer, Wright explains.

 Integration solutions are at the heart of the IT infrastructure. Suvia Group wanted to replace its old on-premise integrations with a modern, scalable and flexible integration solution. Market research identified Netum as the best potential partner. By the end of the planning phase, Suvia Group was convinced that Netum was indeed the correct choice.

– Netum's technology solutions were just right for us, and integrations were at the core of their business operations. The operating model, especially in terms of data and analytics, is very interesting and offers us completely new kinds of information about the different situations in which our data is transferred from one place to another, Wright says.


Netum's Integration Architect Tero Nummijärvi and Suvia Group's chief Digital Officer Tiina Wright

Keeping data secure 

 Netum's Integration Architect Tero Nummijärvi emphasises that the timeliness of data is a major benefit of their integration solutions. Netum's monitoring and operation tools ensure that Suvia Group has the right information, in the right place and at the right time, 24/7.

Even though we monitor data transfer and react to disturbances, the customer is also kept constantly up to date with their data, Nummijärvi explains.

 Wright acknowledges that Netum’s monitoring solutions are indeed working.

The security features are extremely well documented. We receive all information about disturbances immediately, but we don’t have to intervene, as Netum takes care of everything right away. We can sleep peacefully at night, Wright states.

Although IT projects have a reputation for being expensive and laborious, Nummijärvi considers Suvia Group to be an excellent example of how integration solutions can also be implemented through a lighter process.

The use of open source technology is very cost-effective for the customer. We started work on a project basis by making about a dozen integrations. With our partnership established, we will make further integrations for new needs and keep updating the integration platform, Nummijärvi explains.

Driving the automotive sector forward 

Having the integration services in safe hands has allowed Suvia Group to better concentrate on developing its business operations. Wright, who moved to Suvia Group from IT and financial management positions, recognises that the automotive sector has plenty of technical debt and need for modernisation.

The entire sector is under pressure to renew itself, and we want to be at the forefront in the utilisation of technology. Above all, we strive for an efficient business and aim to direct our resources to the right things through digitalisation, Wright explains.

Suvia Group has a large number of partners that help them build more successful business operations. Netum has distinguished itself by demonstrating its strong technological know-how, but also by providing smooth communications and cooperation.

Even though we are not the largest company on the market, the people at Netum always give the impression that they focus on us completely, Wright says.  

 Nummijärvi, who works at Netum, emphasises the significance of the customer's professionalism in the development of IT services.

The people at Suvia Group clearly know how things are done. It is easy to commit ourselves to serving the needs of competent and determined customers, Nummijärvi says.