Continuity Services

Continuity Services guarantee smooth daily routines and 24/7 system accessibility

Glitches in the system can at their worst halt all administrative work or production. With the help of our customer support, maintenance, and monitoring specialists, you ensure accessible and up-to-date systems, as well as minimize risks related to interruptions. Smooth services and effortlessness of routines guarantee both customer and employee satisfaction.


Service continuity is secret behind everyday satisfaction

ITIL Process Development is applied to Netum’s continuity services. When our experts to help you to choose the best systems for your organization and make sure both old and new technologies suit your needs in the best possible way, you guarantee smooth everyday operations for your business.

The benefits of Continuity Services

  • Customers and employees who are satisfied with smoothly running services
  • Cost-effective and scalable services
  • Reliable, secure, and up-to-date systems
  • Agreed level of service support with reporting included
  • Your specialists can focus on developing your business

We secure your system continuity: 

  • Regular and nearly unnoticeable system updates
  • Fast detection and repair of possible issues and cyber security irregularities
  • We collect data on your system behaviour
  • Fast implementation of changes when needed (such as new features)

Your IT staff will work together with Netum’s experienced specialists who are able to help with IT system maintenance, access management, monitoring, assurance, updates, and recovering from faults. In addition, we have strong knowledge of DevOps projects. In other words, we are the experienced and reliable partner your organization can count on.

"Netum possesses extensive in-depth know-how, and that is why my company is not their only client. Our systems are tailored, and Netum’s knowledge of them is critical to us."

- A satisfied Netum customer

Continuity Services

Continuity Services provide your critical systems wider shoulders to lean on

We are able to care for your systems 24/7. Our processes are well-tested and our employees skilled and competent. Netum’s experts are an additional resource for your organization in the support and maintenance of your critical systems.

Our services include:

  • Service Desk
  • 24/7 Helpdesk and Monitoring Services
  • Applications
    • Application Platforms
    • Integration services
    • Database Services
    • DevOps
  • Hosting Services
    • Capacity and Telecommunications Services
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
    • Legacy to Digital Transformations
    • Automation
    • Orchestration
  • Cyber Security Services
    • Cyber Security Monitoring and Management
    • Vulnerability Testing and Monitoring
    • Web Application Firewalls as a cloud service
    • DDos attack prevention as an SOC backed cloud service
  • System & Software Development
  • Service Transfer and hand-over

Netum is the best continuity services partner:

  • We are able to take on even the most extensive client systems
  • We have know-how of many different technologies
  • More than 120 specialists at your service
  • We are flexible, diligent, and professional

The final configuration is always built to meet the prevailing needs of your organization. In case you are not certain, what those needs are exactly, please do not hesitate get in touch with our consultants.

Our skilled professionals are familiar with legacy systems as well as the latest cloud services, and they develop their expertise on a constant basis. Therefore we can safely promise that no system is too challenging for our experts!


We value our clients and make sure their services secure and accessible 24/7. Our professional Helpdesk is easy to contact at any times in case you experience issues with your services.

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Our extensive experience on business critical systems, expertise, and sustainable yet agile mode of operation enable secure and cost-effective partnership. We are able to step in at any phase of an IT project life cycle depending on the client’s situation.