Continuity services

We take care of the maintenance and technical support of our clients’ applications and systems 24/7 when needed.


ICT systems are critical business components. Even short failures and interruptions may cause significant damage when your company’s services are not available to your employees and clients.


  • We provide continuity services for both our own solutions and third party systems.
  • As a result of constantly developing our expertise, we are able to handle both legacy systems and modern cloud based services.
  • We monitor potential issues and fix them before they cause problems.
  • Our staff are experienced and skilful professionals.
  • We are able to take over even the most complex systems and make sure all the necessary know-how and information is transferred to us.
  • When needed, we will also take care on communication with possible third parties.

If you want to know more, please contact:

Kimmo Koivisto
+358 40 952 4242

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Our extensive experience on business critical systems, expertise, and sustainable yet agile mode of operation enable secure and cost-effective partnership. We are able to step in at any phase of an IT project life cycle depending on the client’s situation.