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As a long-term partner of Microsoft, we enable high-quality services for our customers, especially in the fields of knowledge management and cloud services

Netum is a long-term partner of Microsoft, and we are actively developing the partnership further within the framework of Microsoft's partnership program. Mainly, we utilise the Azure services of cloud and data platforms (such as SQL, Synapse, Data Factory, Fabric, Power Platform, Azure DevOps and Kubernetes) and enable our customers with high-quality services, especially in the field of knowledge management and cloud services.

With the help of the partnership program, we want to communicate our competence as a supplier of Microsoft solutions to our customers. Achieving the Solutions Partner level of the partner program requires a sufficient number of certified experts, and we constantly invest in growing their expertise. In the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, we have reached the Solutions Partner for Data & AI (Azure) and Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovations levels and are also pursuing other Solutions Partner levels.

Data platforms and data warehouse solutions

Our core competencies include delivering modern cloud-based Azure data platforms and data warehouse solutions. We have delivered numerous Azure data platform projects, especially to well-being services counties, cities and municipalities, and educational institutions. Some projects have also involved migrating an SQL-based on-premise data warehouse to the Azure cloud. On top of Azure data platform implementations, we offer reporting expertise with the PowerBI tool. In addition to traditional reporting, bidirectional reporting is one of the latest trends. This enables report users to enter indicator data, for example, back into the data platform by utilising the Power App service.

FinOps - cloud service optimisation

FinOps (Financial Operations) is an innovative approach to financial management of cloud platforms that combines agile development and cost-effectiveness.

FinOps enables close cooperation between developers and financial management professionals. Common goals and clear communication help to better understand costs and impacts.

Netum's experienced professionals help organizations leverage their cloud resources and optimize operating costs as efficiently as possible. This makes operations more efficient and frees up resources to focus on innovation and business growth.

Maintenance of cloud services

Netum is known for its skilled experts, so you can leave the maintenance of your cloud environment to us and focus on developing your business.

We utilise best practices and processes to improve your cloud environment continuously. We invest in automation, monitoring, and response to achieve operational excellence, enabling us to provide reliable and scalable services in your cloud environment.

Key aspects of maintenance include, for example, change management and automation, responding quickly to events, and defining and monitoring operational metrics for continuous improvement and operational efficiency.


Case AVI: Excel spreadsheets replaced by visualised reports

Azure’s SQL Database was selected as the database and Power Apps as the user interface.


Case Järvenpää

The existing technical solution was developed on top of a new Azure data platform with the introduction of modern Synapse technology.


Case Monetra

Operating on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform and used with Power BI tools, MonetTieto makes knowledge management modern and efficient.

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