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Respond to cyber security and data protection challenges with confidence

Issues with cyber security or data protection may cause significant financial losses, as well as loss of reputation. Choosing Netum as your cyber security and data protection partner will give you a peace of mind, as our experts analyse, report on develop your organization’s cyber threat protection and prevention. You can focus on your core business, services, and customers.


Netum’s expert have long and extensive experience on cyber security. Among many other things, we can help you comply with GDPR requirements and securing your Internet services.

The benefits of cyber security services:

  • Third-party expert insight and knowledge at your disposal
  • You can rest assured on both the administrative and technical level of cyber security
  • Katakri mapping lets you know whether your current level of security meet all requirements
  • With the help of our experts, you are one step ahead of attackers

We enforce your cyber security and data protection:

  • We assess and audit your company's level of cyber security and make development suggestions
  • We design and implement even the most complex IT infrastructure solutions
  • We test and protect your Internet services
  • We provide easy-to-use remote connections
  • We provide Identity and Access Management (IAM) maintenance

ISO/IEC 27001

Our service is ISO 27001 certified.

"I use Netum’s Cyber Security Services. Everything runs smoothly, the client’s needs are heard, and the response is always fast."

- A satisfied Netum customer

Cyber security services

What is included in cyber security and data protection services?

Our experts help you choose the right software and cyber security solutions that make your everyday operations run seamlessly and reliably. If needed, they will also help you meet the requirements of the Act on Information Management in Public Administration, data protection legislation, and standards such as ISO 27001, as well as ITIL policies and guidelines. With the help our experts, you are able to identify the cyber security and data protection risks in your organization and ensure the security level meets the need of current operations.


Our comprehensive services include:

  • Technical and administrative consultation
  • Technical and administrative cyber security mapping and audits
  • Identification of cyber security and data protection requirements
  • Protection and vulnerability testing of Internet applications and APIs
  • Continuous cyber security services, such as data protection officer service
  • Development of data protection and personal data management in the organization’s environment

Why choose Netum?

  • Comprehensive understanding of Internet cyber security
  • Extensive experience
  • Knowledge of legislation and requirements
  • Experienced and approachable experts

Akamai and Netum secure your operations with world-class solutions

Netum’s partner Akamai is the market leader in internet service protection, which guarantees a fast, reliable, and secure platform for our client’s services Akamai is a leading cyber security company in cloud services with the world’s largest content delivery network. Akamai products have prevented some of the biggest DDos and bot attacks. When you need to guarantee the accessibility of critical web-based service 24/7, Akamai and Netum are the right partners for you.

Akamai is the forerunner of the Zero Trust Cyber Security Model application. Together Netum and Akamai have excellent tools to implement the model in a cost-effective and flexible way. The Zero Trust Model facilitates the access management of web-based applications and makes them secure.

Akamai in a couple of bits:

  • The world’s largest content delivery network
  • 253,000 servers at 3,500 data centers in 137 countries
  • 15 to 30% of all Internet traffic passes through Akamai
  • Exceptional visibility of Internet attacks
  • NASDAQ listed public enterprise
  • Over 7,600 empolyees
  • Revenue ~€3 Billion

The services include:

  • DDos attack prevention as an SOC backed cloud service. The boldest SLA promises in the field.
  • Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) as a cloud service. Akamai automatically updates the firewall after detecting a new zero-day vulnerability or similar events.
  • Bot management Choose what data you want to give to the bot and when.
  • Secure Enterprise Application Access according to the Zero Trust Model.
  • Secure Internet Gateway enables the employees to access Internet services safely and prevents access to potentially dangerous services. The service is based on Akamai's constant updates on the Internet operational environment.
  • Cloud Cyber Security Solutions
  • Performance and Media Sharing Services

A data protection officer monitors your organization's privacy for a fixed monthly fee

The data protection officer service consists of Netum’s expert monitoring your organization's privacy together with your employees 4 days a week, for example. Our experts have insights and experience of the data protection needs in various sectors and organizations. If needed, they will take over consultant duties and act as a supporting data protection officer.

The service includes a monthly report of detected privacy issues and solutions suggestions. The service was created based on our clients’ wishes and it is constantly being developed on the basis of their feedback.

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