Integration Services

Our integration services make data accessible in right formats and preferred systems

Appropriate integrations facilitate business growth and enable the wise and cost-effective realisation of both services and production. Our integration specialists help you ensure that in your organization, data can be accessed in the right formats and preferred systems.


Make better use of your data with our Integration Services

Our engineers manage even the most demanding integrations, including data transfers, validations or conversions into the desired formats. We offer versatile services related to system integrations, such as auditing of the current status, architecture design, analysis of the alternative solution, tendering and preparation of offer request documents, planning of system change and project management and monitoring.

Benefits of Integration Services:

  • Making sure that critical business data can be transferred smoothly and safely 24/7
  • Integrations are fast to implement with specified methods and correct tools
  • Your organization’s data will not be split into silos
  • Less overlapping work
  • Data is in the right format
  • Data is in the right system
  • Data can be accessed by right people

Smooth data transfers with Netum’s Integration Services

  • When building integrations, we use appropriate technology and architecture that best suit the needs of specific cases and environments.
  • We are able to adapt to the client’s situation, needs, and schedule. When needed, we implement the changes quickly.
  • Netum’s monitoring system can be combined with other systems if they are equipped with appropriate interfaces.
  • Our monitoring works 24/7.

"Netum is an agile service provider that is able to take the client’s needs into account and adapt to them. Our cooperation has been smooth. Of all service providers, Netum has the strongest culture of collaborative development."

- A satisfied Netum customer

Integration services

Integrations from Architecture Design to Maintenance and Monitoring

When your organization needs internal or external integrations, Netum’s experts are here to help you. We design solutions that adapt to your environment and are scalable for future needs as well.

Netum has gained extensive experience on integrations within and between organizations as well as in different cloud services. We have implemented integrations for organizations in both the public and the private sector.

We design our integrations to be independent, open and flexible services. Our modular solution facilitates maintenance and makes implementing changes faster. Because of our programming interfaces and standardized transfer policies, different components of the integration can be changed independently. Our implementation method is lean compared to robust and fully tailored integration methods. In addition, we are familiar with the Finnish National Service Architecture Programme KaPA and implement integrations related to it.

We take care of validation for you and convert data into right formats, when needed. We provide you with integration monitoring services that ensure smooth data transfers at all times. Our monitoring service runs smoothly and seamlessly along design, implementation and development services making us a lean and agile partner and service provider.

Netum is a great choice for your integration partner:

  • We use various technologies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Dell Boomi, and SAP, ArcEsb, Axway B2Bi/API gateway, NextGen Connect (Mirth), WSO2 API manager, TradeXpress and Intersystems IRIS.
  • Our modular solution facilitates maintenance and makes implementing changes faster.
  • We offer everything from design to 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services,
  • We provide different levels of support.
  • We make use of standards.
  • We are familiar with Finnish National Service Architecture Programme KaPA.

”Data is an increasingly important asset to businesses, and we help your organization make the most of it. We have extensive knowledge on challenging and multi-faceted systems, which is why you can always trust us to build lasting and reliable solutions.”

-Jarkko Tiesmäki, Senior Integration Architect

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Our extensive experience on business critical systems, expertise, and sustainable yet agile mode of operation enable secure and cost-effective partnership. We are able to step in at any phase of an IT project life cycle depending on the client’s situation.